Looking for a user friendly Joomla survey extension? Don't waste hours trying to figure out other complex extensions, purchase BF Survey Plus now and in minutes you will have a professional looking survey in your own Joomla environment.
Simply create a survey category, add questions, then add a menu item, it really is that easy.

BF Survey Plus is for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3, and is one of the first extensions available to support the new SQL Server database for those corporate users that would rather not use mySQL.

Got an issue, question or suggestion? Our publically available support forum allows anyone to post which will be responded to promptly by our developers.


  • Question types include Text, Radio, Checkbox, Textarea, Date, DropDown, Summation and Rating.
  • Ability to set mandatory questions
  • Multiple questions on multiple pages
  • Conditional branching
  • Suppress questions to join several together
  • Load options via SQL
  • Answer suffix
  • Answer prefix
  • Stats
  • Dynamic Report with export to excel or csv
  • Email templates to customise the administrator and user emails

System Requirements

Joomla 2.5.x or Joomla 3.x (BF Survey Plus)

Joomla 1.5 (BF Survey Pro) - Also included when you purchase a subscription to BF Survey Plus.


Version v1.1.13
$    Added sl-SI language file - Thanks Ervin Bizjak
#    Added state to my surveys query so unpublished categories are ignored
#    Fixed initial setting of parameters on new install
#    Hide ReCaptcha when no public and private key entered
+    Added links to user guide and support tickets on help page
#    Updated URL to BF Validate Plus in installation

Version v1.1.12
#    Fixed validation issue in Joomla 3.x

Version v1.1.11
#    Fixed question type is always text bug
#    Fixed error when db field name is blank
#    Fixed bfsurvey_plusModelCategory not found issue
#    Fixed horizontal radio buttons issue.
$    Updated sv-SE language file - Thanks Stephen Höglund

Version v1.1.10
+    Added Akeeba Liveupdate
+    Added button styling for radio in backend

Version v1.1.9
#    Fixed ReCaptcha on all questions on one page view

Version v1.1.8
+    Added ReCaptcha to all questions on one page view

Version v1.1.7
+    Added ability to set date as mandatory

Version v1.1.6
#    Fixed a few minor issues

Version v1.1.5
#    Fixed stats when option contains apostrophe
#    Fixed copy button in Joomla 3.

Version v1.1.4
+    Added text and textarea to stats views
#    Few minor fixes for SQL Server

Version v1.1.3
#    Fixed status filter on results view in Joomla 3
+    Added use global to parameters
#    Fixed heading question on all questions on one page view
#    Fixed minor bug in prevent multiple entries (UID)
+    Implemented Recaptcha

Version v1.1.2
#    Parent drop down now only shows published questions
#    Fixed report on components menu
$    Minor correct to nl-NL language file - Thanks Ronald Stalling
#    Changed feild_type to default to TEXT for new questions
#    Added name and email to result page

Version v1.1.1
#    Fixed email issue
$    Added ru-RU language files - Thanks Nikolay

Version v1.1.0.0
+    Joomla 3.0 compatibility

Version v1.0.3.2
+    Updated pl-PL language files - Thanks Maciej Gotlib
+    Added reference number with new parameter to turn on/off
#    Added raw filter to intro text and thank you text fields

Version v1.0.3.1
#     Fixed my surveys

Version v1.0.3
+ added fix database
# Fixed mandatory rating in all questions on one page view
# Fixed _OTHER_ in radio question type
# Fixed front end stats for rating question
# Fixed stats when leading or trailing space

Version v1.0.2
+ Added bn-BD language file - Thanks Nasir Ahamed
+ Added fi-FI language file - Thanks Anssi Litsilä
# changed <INPUT to <input to make it valid XHTML
# Fixed back end stats view, added pagination.

Version v1.0.1
+ Added button to import questions from BF Survey Pro (only visible when #__bfsurvey_pro table exists)
+ Added help view
# Fixed imposeMaxLength for textarea so you can still delete chars after max length exceeded
+ Added version number to admin views
+ Added SQL database support
+ Joomla 2.5 support
# Fixed CSV export so it support mysqli and UTF-8
# Added raw filter to question field so that it can accept html
# Fixed QuestionFooter issue for drop down
# Fixed default value of menu item parameters
# Fixed calendar popup on dynamic report
$ Fixed description for SAYG view
$ Fixed question type on stats view
$ Updated nl-NL file - thanks Sebastiaan Span
# Fixed icons on sub menu items
$ Fixed prevent multiple entries so that it ignores results in trash.
$ Updated hu-HU file - Thanks Istvan Holbok
$ Removed hardcoding of in menu item parameters
# Fixed HTML filtering on helptext editor
# Fixed rating question total field label
^ Fixed wording used in installation
$ Updated sv-SE langauge file - Thanks Lennart Piper
^ Changed split to preg_split in stats view (for rating question)
$ Updated es-ES langauge file - Thanks Rodrigo

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