Want to link Joomla authors to their Google+ profile so that their avatar appears in search listings? This package of plugins adds an author field to the user's profile, and will turn author links in Joomla articles into ?rel=author links that Google loves which will help with your SEO. It also inserts metadata to identify this as a person who is an author of this article.

pkg_authorlink_v1.0.0 contains the following plugins:


  • plg_content_authorlink_v1.1.0
  • plg_user_authorlink_v1.0.0


The Author Link content plugin will change the author's name on an article to a link to a Google+ profile, with associated metadata.


The Author Link user profile plugin will add the author url field to their profile, so each user can customize their own author link.


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Link your Joomla article author's to their Google+ profile

Add metadata to your site

Improve SEO

System Requirements

Joomla 2.5.x or Joomla 3.x



Author Link User Guide

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