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Stable 1.1.20

Released on
Monday, 09 June 2014 10:00
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BF Survey Plus version 1.1.20 fixes some bugs with the _OTHER_ and email table, plus it adds the ability to send email templates to multiple recipients.

You will also need to download, install and publish the BF Validate Plus plugin which you can get from our free downloads section.

Only logged in users with a valid subscription will be able to access downloads for this category.

Version v1.1.20
#    _OTHER_ fix
+    Added ability to send to multiple email addresses (comma separated).
#    Fixed email table bug

Version v1.1.19
#    Fixed copy survey
#    Fixed save as copy on question form

Version v1.1.18
#    Minor stats fix

Version v1.1.17
+    Added router file to fix SEF issue

Version v1.1.16
#    Fixed mysurveys view.

Version v1.1.15
#    Fixed _OTHER_ option for default multipage view
#    Fixed _OTHER_ option stats

Version v1.1.14
#     Fixed stats when option equals 1

Version v1.1.13
$    Added sl-SI language file - Thanks Ervin Bizjak
#    Added state to my surveys query so unpublished categories are ignored
#    Fixed initial setting of parameters on new install
#    Hide ReCaptcha when no public and private key entered
+    Added links to user guide and support tickets on help page
#    Updated URL to BF Validate Plus in installation

Version v1.1.12
#    Fixed validation issue in Joomla 3.x

Version v1.1.11
#    Fixed question type is always text bug
#    Fixed error when db field name is blank
#    Fixed bfsurvey_plusModelCategory not found issue
#    Fixed horizontal radio buttons issue.
$    Updated sv-SE language file - Thanks Stephen Höglund

Version v1.1.10
+    Added Akeeba Liveupdate
+    Added button styling for radio in backend

Version v1.1.9
#    Fixed ReCaptcha on all questions on one page view

Version v1.1.8
+    Added ReCaptcha to all questions on one page view

Version v1.1.7
+    Added ability to set date as mandatory

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