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Stable 1.2.1

Released on
Monday, 22 February 2016 11:00
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BF SEO provides some tools to make the SEO features of Joomla easy to manage.

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What's new in 1.2.1
#    Fixed sitemap

What's new in 1.2.0
+    Added automatic redirects when alias changes
+    Add status codes to link check page
+    Add alias field to menu meta data
+    Added categories to sitemap
^    Prettify XML string

What's new in 1.1.2
#    Fixed Text Separator appearing in sitemap
#    Fixed XML sitemap header

What's new in 1.1.1
#    Fixed missing star icon
#    Fixed initial options for meta generator

What's new in 1.1.0
+    Added check links
+     Added user guide and JED icons and links to CPanel dashboard
#    Fixed page check

What's new in v1.0.0
!    Initial version

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