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#771 – Rating field on BS survey and custom script

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 03:46 AEDT
I saw in a demo that we can do rating field with a select, but I can only done this with a radio on BS survey plus.

Do I have to use another Joomla extension ?
Do I need the "plus" version or is it available on the original one ?

And most important, is it possible to add a script to send a custom email regarding of the survey results ?

Wednesday, 16 December 2015 15:03 AEDT 10'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
The _OTHER_ option can add text input fields to radio and checkbox question types, but it doesn't do this with rating question type. The closest you could get would be a group of several radio question types which are set to horizontal display, and with the question suppressed to that they appear to be part of the same question.

If you want to see how the questions are set up on the demo site, you can log into the backend using
username: demo2
password: demo2

Feel free to play around with the demo site, it automatically reverts back to the original state every couple of hours.

BF Survey Plus and BF Survey version 2 are both fully functional products. BF Survey v2 is the replacement of BF Survey Plus which was completely rewritten using Akeeba Framework on Framework. A subscription to BF Survey gives you access to both products and you can choose which you prefer to use. BF Survey Pro is our legacy product for Joomla 1.5 only.

Regarding adding your own custom email script, yes of course anything is possible since the software is open source and providing you have some PHP skills.
For BF Survey v2, you will find much of the email code in /components/com_bfsurvey/dispatcher.php
BF Survey Plus has much of the email code in /components/com_bfsurvey_plus/controller.php


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