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#411 – BF Auction Plus Questions

Posted in ‘Pre-Sales Requests’
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Sunday, 05 October 2014 10:36 AEDT
 Hi there!

After reading some very scathing reviews about Auction Factory's software, I wanted to ask a few questions.

With BF Auction Plus, I did not find the field for Commission. In particular, I want to charge a commission to SELLERS. Is that possible?

Do Front-end users, when given permission, set the PayPal email address for their own item?

In regards to adding items by Users in the front-end: Is the Buyer's Premium field available? I would NOT want that field used by front-end users. Can it be disabled?

Lastly, with this software, is an auction site webmaster dependent on the good-faith of sellers to pay their commission on sales? In other words, if I host an auction site, allow sellers to add items, inform them that I am charging 10% of final sale price to be paid by seller, when the item sells... do I have to invoice them and hope they will pay me my percentage?

Is their a mechanism to have split PayPal payments (Seller gets paid directly, minus a small commission to the site administrator?)
Saturday, 18 October 2014 14:27 AEDT 10'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
Hi Jason,
Sorry for the delay, I've been flat out lately with my holiday in Fiji, WordCamp Sydney, and then JoomlaDay Sydney last weekend of which I was coordinator for, and I still haven't caught up on support tickets.

Currently BF Auction Plus is very simplistic, and does not have the ability to charge a seller commission.

Each item has it's own PayPal email address where the full payment is sent to.

The buyers premium field was added for a wine auction customer, and is completely optional. If blank, it will not show on the front end.

The software was originally designed for a site owner to sell off items themselves, and so any seller commissions/payments need to be done manually. In future I do plan to integrate more flexible payment options, I'm looking at techjoomla's common payment api.

This software is not really designed for people to set up their own eBay to make money off other sellers. That said, you can generate revenue by charging users for their Joomla accounts, using third party software such as Akeeba subscriptions, which can automatically add/remove people from groups while their subscription is valid. Some of my customers do this to generate revenue from their auctions. Others invoice the sellers manually to receive their commissions.


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