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#584 – Compulsory questions css change

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Monday, 06 April 2015 15:31 AEST
Joomla! version: (3.3)

Hi Tim,

I have added few questions(radio buttons only) using the tab options are displaying correctly.
I have made the questions compulsory.
The problem is when i naviagte from one tab to other if question s not answered it turns out red when i navigate to other tab after answering still the other questions will be red. Can we disable it.

What I exactly need is only unanswered questions should be remained red and should turn to original color after answering.

Is it possible to show a message that few questions left unanswered, becoz i wont get any message only radio questions turns to red means user may not come to conclusion few questions left unanswered.

Wednesday, 08 April 2015 08:34 AEST 10'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
HI Kishan,
The multi tab form is actually a single form that uses bootstrap to display tabs based on the fieldsets that the fields appear in. When you press the next button or browse to the next tab, it's actually running this line of code

which checks the entire form to make sure it is valid, it doesn't currently selectively look at an individual fieldset. I'm not sure that it is possible using JQuery validation to only look at one fieldset. That said, what you are trying to achieve might be possible with some custom javascript, however you'd need to create a media override of the autogenerated file. Assuming your survey category was 1, you would need to copy /media/com_bfsurvey/js/1results.js into /templates/yourtemplate/media/com_bfsurvey/js/1results.js, then make your changes in the copied version.


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