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#430 – Some erros still remain: css code don't work and mandatory issue with multipage tabs

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014 22:30 AEDT
Joomla! version: 3.2.3

Hi Tim,
I'm still having problems by trying to change the width of textboxes, textareas and help texts. No matter what I write in the CSS textboxes (by the category and the question items) the width not only doesn't change but the alignment does it.

Besides, also the mandatory fields doesn't return any warning message by moving through the multipage Survey with the tabs.

I saw that there is a new release of the survey uploaded to your web site on October 7th, does it amend the errors? If I Install that new release in my web, will I loose then my survey?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014 23:27 AEDT 5'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
The latest version v2.2.0 addresses the validation issue introduced in on of the recent core Joomla updates. When you upgrade it will install over the top, and you will not loose any data. That said, it's always best practice to take a full backup with Akeeba prior to any update, just in case you've made any customizations to any of the source code.

Regarding the width of textboxes, that would be a CSS issue. I find firefox with firebug plugin best to troubleshoot this kind of thing, that way you can right click and inspect element and see what CSS is applying. If you can't figure it out, send me a url link to your survey and I'll take a look.


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