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#276 – Share results on facebook

Posted in ‘BF Quiz’
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Thursday, 10 July 2014 22:54 AEST
Dear Tamlyn Support,
I'm using latest version of BF Quiz Plus on Joomla! (version: 3.3.1).
I'd like to share the results of my quizzes on facebook or other social networks.
Is there already any integration with social networks for this extension?
If not... do you have some suggestions on how can I do it?
Thanks for your attention and best regards.
Thursday, 10 July 2014 23:17 AEST 10'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
Hi Franco,
There is currently no social sharing feature of the product, but it might be something I add in a future version.
One option might be to insert another social sharing plugin into one of the answer matrix. There is a small modification required in /components/com_bfquiz_plus/controller.php to allow the result text from the answer matrix to execute plugins by triggering the on content prepare.

For example, if using the score range matrix, line 2085
echo $resultText;

//change to
echo JHTML::_('content.prepare', $resultText);


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Thursday, 17 July 2014 01:41 AEST
Hi Tim,
thank you so much... this did the trick!!!
I changed the file /components/com_bfquiz_plus/controller.php at line 2085 as you suggested and now every social sharing plugin I tried can be added to the result.

Best regards
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