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#623 – multiple items with same end date

Posted in ‘BF Auction’
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Wednesday, 06 May 2015 00:09 AEST
Joomla! version: 3.4

I entered auction items with multiple occurences ('quantity available' >1). What will happen when the end date is reached?
Will the items be awarded to the highest bidder and than the following bidders in rank until all items are awarded? Or should I enter all items as seperate lots?

We don't want to exend the bidding after the final closing date of the auction.

Thanks for your help!
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 21:48 AEST 15'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
When you set multiple quantity for an item eg. 20, when the auction ends it will be automatically re-listed with the remaining quantity with an end date 7 days from now. If there is only 1 quantity available, items are not automatically re-listed, but you can select the item in the back end and press the relist button, which will create a new copy of the item with an end date 7 days from now.

If you want to change this behavior and stop it changing the end date, you'd need to edit the code in /components/com_bfauction_plus/controller.php

//lines 1283 - 1291
// set end date to be 7 days from now
$date = JFactory::getDate();
$date->modify("+7 days");

if(is_callable(array('JDate', 'toSql'))){
	$row2->endDate = $date->toSql();
	$row2->endDate = $date->toMySQL();


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Friday, 08 May 2015 23:30 AEST
Ok, this is clear. Thank you for your support!
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