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#29 – Incremental bidding

Posted in ‘BF Auction’
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Sunday, 10 November 2013 10:54 AEDT
Joomla! version: (3.2)

Hi Tim,

1. Have you entertained "incremental bidding" yet?
...Client requires. YIKES.

2. Can I stop bidders from bidding over their current bid?
...Say I have the top bid. Client does not want his customers to bid twice by accident.

Thank you,

Pete Struve
Los Angeles, CA
Monday, 11 November 2013 21:46 AEDT 10'
BF Quiz Plus 3 Years
Hi Pete,
Currently the software does not have incremental bidding or a cap on the maximum bid, it just has a minimum bid increment. If you don't mind touching a bit of code and have some php skills, you would be able to force the user to only bid exactly the minimum bid increment.

The function where most of this happens is the mybid function in /components/com_bfauction_plus/controller.php

For example, around line 238 you could change >= to ==
if (($bid >= ($myresult->currentBid + ((float)$bidIncrement)) & $reverseAuction==0) | ($reverseAuction & $bid <= ($myresult->currentBid - ((float)$bidIncrement))) | ($bid >= $myresult->currentBid & $reverseAuction==0 & $myresult->highBidder == '0') )

You will also need to adjust the code in /components/com_bfauction_plus/assets/ajax.php where the current bid is updated via ajax.


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